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All The Apples by Zee-Stitch All The Apples by Zee-Stitch
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“Everypony! Listen up here!” Arkansas winced as Applejack yelled but her mouth opened wide and terror gripped her eyes as she spotted the room. There were ponies EVERYWHERE! All earth ponies, all of all shapes and sizes. Arkansas was trapped now. She looked to the safe faces in the crowd. To Dixie Whistle. To Erligold. To Granny. How could they expect her to talk to ALL of these ponies?! There was a massive grey colt, a pouty looking grey mare, a golden pelted grinning stallion…Arkansas started to hyperventilate. Breathing in and out and in and out. Applejack turned to the filly and put her back to the other ponies who looked slightly puzzled. “Hey young’in,” Applejack said, “If you don’t wanna do this right now, you don’t have ta. We c’n bring you a plate to wherever you wanna sleepn’ we’ll do this when yer ready.” Arkansas gulped and shook her head, gripping Applejack’s hoof with her little ones. Applejack smiled and turned back to the others.

            “Y’all gotta be nice’n quiet now, alright?” She cooed, “This’s little Arkansas Black. Her momma is Apple Bloom, mah little sister. Some’a y’all have met’er already.”

            “Sure have!” Erligold whistled. Arkansas smiled a little but still hid behind Applejack.

            “Well ah need t’tell y’all somethin’ about lil Black here,” Applejack said, “Lil’ Arkansas is mighty shy. She’n ah got off on the wrong hoof but cuz of her kind heart she allowed ol’ auntie Applejack another chance, didn’tcha?” Arkansas nodded and turned as her mother offered a giggle. “Allow me t’introduce yah, Black, t’yer family! There’s Big Macintosh, yer Uncle.”

            “Howdy.” Arkansas screeched as the giant red stallion spoke.

            “Maybe next time, Big Mac,” Applejack said, “His wife, yer Auntie Marble Pie.”

            “Mmmhm.” Arkansas liked her MUCH better. Less big.

            “An’ their kids, Apple Core, Zari Apple an’ you met Erligold!” Arkansas blinked. Erligold was Big Mac’s kid? The grumpy pony looked scary but the other two…Erligold was nice so his brother had to be…right?

            “Hi…” That was all she offered as Applejack waved over to the big white prince-y unicorn.

            “That’s mah big dumb husband, Blueblood,” Applejack said with a wide grin, “An’ mah kids Apple Shine, Dixie Whistle and the twins…Blueblood where’re the boys…?” Blueblood started to stammer a response but Arkansas was staring hard at Applejack. She was shouting about her father and yet…she was MARRIED to a unicorn? That could only mean one thing, Arkansas though, my papa must have been bad….she hates him because of him….not because he’s a unicorn.

ALL THE APPLES with the exception of the Twins cuz....they're off setting fires.Seriously. Someone needs to go get them.
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KHwhitelion Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2017
AWw they all look so cute! 
Madness-Made-Fresh Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Professional Filmographer
This is great.
UniversesCollideInc Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017
As traumatizing as the realization that "my aunt hates my dad because he's bad" (which...isn't completely accurate) is for Arkansas, it's good that she's no longer afraid that Applejack hates her for being a Unicorn.
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